Based on the award-winning tabletop card game Lost Cities by world-renowned board game designer Reiner Knizia, Lost Cities VR is a two-player strategy game that transports you to unexplored regions and mythical realms. Can you outwit your opponent and make the most profit as you compete to be the first to discover the ancient lost cities?

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Happy Halloween!

- by Rachael Hosein

Here's the latest version of our spookiest character so far - Mica your Brazilian rainforest opponent!


Discover Neptune's Realm

- by Rachael Hosein

You can now play Lost Cities underwater in the middle of the ruins of Atlantis!

It took us a little bit longer than anticipated to get this update out to all of you, so thank you for being so patient!

This seems like an appropriate time to revisit all that went into putting together this environment. Let's take a walk down memory lane...

Remember when Neptune's Realm was just a thought fuelled by internet searches?

That time we day dreamed something that looks nothing like the final environment...

Our lists and lists of things we want and need.

The piles of reference material.

An underwater world made of blocks and spheres.

When Graham nailed the concept art.

Liem's Neptune creation.

Profiling (oh dear).


And finally, being able to breath while underwater.

Neptune's Realm is the third environment we've release with two more to come over the next few months! We're lost in the Brazilian Rainforest at the moment, so check in soon for a sneak peek.


VR is more fun with friends!

- by Rachael Hosein

We love virtual reality but sometimes it can get lonely inside the matrix. Today things get a lot less lonely and at lot more social with our latest update to Lost Cities. Now you can play with friends.

For those of you who have have bought the game, thank you. Lost Cities is a type of game that is way more fun playing online and we are excited to share this update.

On the development front, we are looking forward to sharing some of our insights into how we brought this feature to the Gear VR. The number of use cases when bringing a social feature like this can be overwhelming and we learned so much in the process. We are putting together a talk about this topic too.

For those of you who are waiting on the next environment, we are working hard on Neptune's Realm, an underwater world that you can play in.


We've finally come up for air

- by Rachael Hosein

Sorry it's been so long, but we've been swimming with the fishes ;)

We're on the tail end of finishing up our next environment for Lost Cities. Soon you'll be able to play at the bottom of the ocean amid the ruins of Atlantis.

Here's a sneak peek!


We're getting ready for our submission to the Gear VR app store!

- by Rachael Hosein

Check out some screen shots from our (almost) completed game!


Tszujing up the map!

- by Rachael Hosein

This week is devoted to putting the finishing touches on our Phase I launch of Lost Cities. Check out our new map icons!


Meet the team - Unity Developers, lighting, and effects

- by Rachael Hosein

Our first official Campfire hire, our first intern, and a talented freelance VFX artist - These three get into the nitty gritty to make it all functional and looking glossy.

Ryan Hill (Unity Developer) - Ryan has a computer science degree and once made PewDiePie cry a little bit. Over seven million people have watched other people play his games. Ryan Hill has colourful socks and makes the computer do things.
Landon Butterworth (Unity Developer) - Landon is a passionate software developer and computer science student specializing in artificial intelligence and databases. Landon has researched multiplayer interactions in virtual environments and data analytics for virtual reality with the University of Manitoba's Human Computer Interaction lab.

Graham Weibe (Lighting and effects) - Graham is a video game VFX artist. Throughout his career, he has worked closely with Art and Design Directors to define and elevate the look and feel of games, videos, and overall user experience.



- by Rachael Hosein

The navigation plot for our Phase I launch!


Meet the team - 3D and Illustration

- by Rachael Hosein

This project could not have been possible without the amazing partnership we have with Pixel Reborn.

Liem Nguyen (3D modeller and animator) - Liem is a 3D artist whose work has earned an Emmy Award. He has worked in various facets of the broadcast and interactive media industry. His wide-ranging experience also includes feature film VFX and video game cinematics.

Sam Schoenborn (Illustrations) - Sam is an illustrator and concept artist. She developed the artwork for the game tiles and the tabletop concept art for the Desert Sands environment.

They have been working non-stop with countless revisions to get our 3D assets just right.

Here's a little preview of one of the opponents you'll be meeting in the Himalayan Mountains environment coming next year!

Stay tuned for more team profiles and game updates!


Meet the team - Music and Sound Effects

- by Rachael Hosein

We're incredibly lucky to be able to work with daCapo to create the music and sound effects for Lost Cities.

Olaf Pyttlik (Music) - Olaf primarily works as a composer and has scored numerous television, animation, game, musicals and commercial projects. He is also a passionate board gamers who is thrilled to be involved in adopting this wonderful game.

Steve Payne (Sound effects) - Originally based out of Toronto, Steve joined Winnipeg's DACAPO Productions with nearly ten years studio and production experience - including sound design, major label and independent music, TV, film and commercial work. He is very passionate about game audio, and the role that audio plays in the VR experience.

Here's a little sneak peak of what Olaf created for our Desert Sands environment.

Stay tuned for more team profiles and game updates!


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