Based on the award-winning tabletop card game Lost Cities by world-renowned board game designer Reiner Knizia, Lost Cities VR is a two-player strategy game that transports you to unexplored regions and mythical realms. Can you outwit your opponent and make the most profit as you compete to be the first to discover the ancient lost cities?

Meet the team - Music and Sound Effects

- by Rachael Hosein

We're incredibly lucky to be able to work with daCapo to create the music and sound effects for Lost Cities.

Olaf Pyttlik (Music) - Olaf primarily works as a composer and has scored numerous television, animation, game, musicals and commercial projects. He is also a passionate board gamers who is thrilled to be involved in adopting this wonderful game.

Steve Payne (Sound effects) - Originally based out of Toronto, Steve joined Winnipeg's DACAPO Productions with nearly ten years studio and production experience - including sound design, major label and independent music, TV, film and commercial work. He is very passionate about game audio, and the role that audio plays in the VR experience.

Here's a little sneak peak of what Olaf created for our Desert Sands environment.

Stay tuned for more team profiles and game updates!