Based on the award-winning tabletop card game Lost Cities by world-renowned board game designer Reiner Knizia, Lost Cities VR is a two-player strategy game that transports you to unexplored regions and mythical realms. Can you outwit your opponent and make the most profit as you compete to be the first to discover the ancient lost cities?

Play Lost Cities in Oculus Rooms

- by John Luxford

Today, Oculus Rooms and Parties are out on the Gear VR. We think the coolest thing about Oculus Rooms is a new coordinated app launcher that lets you jump into a game together with a friend.

What’s even cooler for us is that Lost Cities is one of only 9 apps chosen to be included in the Oculus Rooms app launcher!

Look, that's Lost Cities up there in the Oculus Connect 3 keynote!

With the Gear VR having a relatively small user base, players wanting to play any multiplayer games have found it can be a challenge to connect with others who are online at the same time. We think Oculus Rooms is going to be a great way to ensure you and a friend can jump right into Lost Cities together, so neither player has to wait while a game invite sits pending.

We’ve built a custom loading scene for players coming from Oculus Rooms where you can choose your avatar and where you want to go together, complete with voice chat throughout the whole experience.

The new Lost Cities coordinated launcher: keep chatting while you decide where to go!

We’re super proud to be included in this launch with Oculus, and look forward to playing lots of Lost Cities with you all over the holidays and the new year!